Rect. Induction/Grill Chafers



The most impressive, versatile induction chafing dish on the market.  Our new balanced cover mechanism is the most effortless, smoothest operating cover available.  You must feel it to appreciate it!

Use the same chafer in three different settings for a whole new presentation at each meal!  Use on induction ranges, on top of one of our 20” or 40” Grills with butane or sterno, or in a chafer frame with sterno or electric.


  • Balanced Cover Mechanism effortlessly stops in any position
  • Condensation System returns condensate to water pan
  • 100 Year Warranty


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Stainless Steel
  Part# Finish Description Price w/Electric/Satin
DW08QWGHSS Stainless 8 Qt. Rect Grill Chafer, Hinged Cover